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Over 150 million people file taxes annually and more than half use tax services. As the number of taxpayers continues to grow, so does the need for qualified tax preparers who can help their clients claim all the credits and deductions due them and pay no more than taxes they owe.

Best-in-classs technology

We provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end tech stack to run the business from anywhere, anytime.

Full-service support

Our experienced team of licensed professionals is ready to support you through tax season and beyond.

Turnkey marketing

Marketing systems designed to attract and manage clients with professional emails, landing pages and recruitment systems.

Revenue streams

Earn from 30+ opportunities all year long to offer credit repair, savings, financial coaching, debt assistance and more.

All-in-one financial solutions

Joining Umbrella opens a world of revenue possibilities during tax season and all year long.

Tax Preparation

Become a trusted partner in your community for personal or small business tax prep.

Financial Coaching

Become a trusted partner in your community for personal financial coaching and help people improve their personal finances.

Credit Services

Learn how you can help your customers build and restore their credit. No need to hire a credit repair company.


Help your customers achieve their financial needs and dreams any time of year. Provide non-banking loans. Loans offered range from $100 to $20,000. Funding is generally available on the same day, and amounts vary by state.


Online banking made easy. We’ve created a new approach to online banking that doesn’t rely on fees and helps you grow your savings automatically. No minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees.

Work from home and earn extra income as a Money Mentor. Enjoy flexible hours and earn up to $90/day.

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The path to franchise ownership

Your recession-proof tax and financial services business has a never-ending stream of clients who need your help.
We offer less barriers, lower upfront and ongoing costs than other franchisees, with higher revenue-share profits.

As a TAX Licensee you will

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Business Tools

Essential Tax Practice Technology

  • Tax Office Managment Software/ My Tax Butler
  • Umbrella Cash Back Rewards Bank Account
  • Online training – Umbrella Financial Academy
  • Support center, newsletters, associate perks
  • Financial coaching portal with action plans

$55,000 Value


Tax and Financial Coaching

Earn your Professional Tax Preparer Certification & Training, and your Financial Coach Certification: Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant Training.

$15,000 Value

Marketing Tools

Turnkey Client Management

  • UIG Marketing Suite Lead/Contact Management System/ Funnels
  • Tax office management software
  • Branded professional communications

$110,000 Value

Only $199.00

plus $24.95/month toolkit fee